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CEREC One-Visit Same Day Crowns

What is CEREC?

cerec-crownCEREC stands for. Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a method of tooth restoration used in dentistry for construction, production and insertion of ceramic restorations precisely at the point of treatment. A milling machine generates high quality dental restoration using 3D computer technology.

Advantages of CEREC crown?

CEREC crown is beneficial in that it’s healthier than other restorative options. It utilizes all-ceramic material which is long-lasting i.e. does not crack or leak with time and blends with your natural teeth. It is safe and allows for more conservative repairs.

CEREC enables Dr. Dimayuga to preserve more of the healthy tooth structure. Lost teeth can now be restored using CEREC inlays and onlays since CEREC’s bonding which is a state of the art requires only a minimal amount of tooth structure for restoration of the tooth to its full function. This eliminates the need for messy impressions. Moreover, CEREC crown is used to mold beautiful semblance, restoring pitted or discolored front teeth.

Another advantage of CEREC crown is that it requires only one dentist visit, from start to finish. This means you will spend less time at the chair, having your teeth drilled and getting shots. Previously, getting a crown meant multiple visits to the dentist because first, you had to go in for tooth preparation, taking of impression, and placement of a temporary crown. This would temporary fall off at times in between appointments, meaning an extra visit to have it put back on. You would then have had to go back a few weeks after for the temporary crown to be removed and the permanent crown fitted into place. With CEREC, the multiple trips to the dentist are no longer required to attain beautiful and durable dental restorations.

How CEREC crown works?

The our Lynnwood Dentist first examines your teeth to diagnose the type of restoration that is suitable for you. After preparation of tooth which involves removal of decayed tooth or old filling and cleaning the area, an optical impression of your teeth is captured using a special intraoral 3D camera. This image is transferred to the computer, where using computer aided design (CAD) your restoration is fashioned. Every clinical detail of your case is taken into consideration and hence the most precise restoration is created. The next step is sending these exact specifications milling machine which fabricates your color-matched restoration from a solid block of ceramic-reinforced porcelain in around 20 minutes.

The restored tooth is fitted, glossed, and cemented in place. The whole process is completed in 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of your dental work. If you’ve got a big filling that needs replacement you don’t necessarily need to get a full crown. Inlays and onlays which are more conservative fit into a tooth similar to a filling although they are milled restorations, much like a crown. Inlays are fitted between cusps, while onlays are fitted over one or more cusps. The bumps on top of a tooth are called cusps. The two methods enable a patient to retain a more natural tooth structure, which is always preferable.

CEREC crown remains one of the most embraced methods of crown restoration within the dental community.

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