Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing

Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing

To ensure optimal gum health and cleanliness, periodontal scaling and root planing may be necessary. This treatment deep cleans below the gum line and is used to treat a variety of gum diseases.

Gum health is vital to our overall wellness. While plaque can stick to the teeth it can also cause our gums to become inflamed. Once affected, they pull away from the teeth and form pockets. Once plaque gets into the pockets it cannot be removed by brushing. If left untreated, bone and tooth loss could be on the horizon as bacteria can corrode the underlying bone supporting the teeth.

First, we remove all of the plaque and hardened plaque that sits above and below the gum line. Then, root planing begins where we smooth out the roots of your teeth to assist the gums in reattaching to the teeth. After the procedure, minor sensitivity may occur, and a rinse may be necessary to prevent any infection. The gums are numbed prior to the procedure, making the experience pain-free. We make it our mission to be as efficient as possible and to provide you with lasting results.

Signs of gum disease include bad breath, tartar buildup, and unhealthy pockets in the gums. If you think you’re experiencing any of these things, do not hesitate to set up an appointment.

If you think you could benefit from periodontal scaling and root planing, give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer any questions and set up a consultation.